Sunshine From Unexpected Places

Hey, looky, looky!

Vancouver Visions

Well as the rain has remained tucked in tight to our little coastal city this week, and I was just getting to the point of growling at the clouds, I woke this morning to a little break in the weather, and an even bigger change that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Call it a premonition, or just a gut feeling, but somehow I knew…things were going to get brighter.

I had a quick coffee, got my stuff together, headed downstairs, and just before walking out, I decided to look in my mailbox, and there it was. A simple enough looking white envelope, if peculiar at all, only in it’s size, being too large for a letter, and too white and friendly-looking to be a bill, or from the government. And then it hit me, and the smile that spread across my face for the first time in days, …

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