Guest Post: Joe Writes His Wrongs

It is my pleasure to host Joe Writes his Wrongs as my first guest post,  Joe is working hard to get his life on track after a tumultuous period.  I congratulate Joe and admire the work he is doing.  Helping others is definitely the way to go.  Good luck, Joe.  I know you’ll do well.

Life after prison

As someone who has spent the last 6+ years in prison for non-violent drug offenses, finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m scheduled to be released in Oct of this year! So what kind of plans does a guy have who has spent so much time behind bars…?

Well, please allow me to tell you.

The most important of my plans for after my release is to do positive work in the community.

I want to be a helper and contributor to something greater than myself.

Now by me saying this, please don’t think I consider myself anyone special but if I can do something to help mentor troubled youth or maybe work with an organization to help individuals coming home from prison, then I think that would be great. If I can do something more, that would be even better.

The point is I want to be someone who comes home from prison and turns it all around in a positive, productive and meaningful way.

I want to be an advocate that represents how not all who are incarcerated or those who are coming home from incarceration are beyond hope or repair. Some of us can actually get out of something as negative as prison and do something positive with our life. Some of us can even make a difference out there in the world.

I really aspire to be one of those types of individuals.

For more about me and my journey incarcerated please check me out on

16 thoughts on “Guest Post: Joe Writes His Wrongs

  1. Thank you for having me guest blog on your page, I was honored to do so. I enjoy the posts Jen reads/sends me and I look forward to reading more and having you guest post on my blog as well. Thank you again for all your kind words and support! Joe P. Guerrero


  2. Wow, great Linda, that you have Joe made a guest post! I love to follow him and see how he is growing out himself. He is a great guy with lots of insights and the best base for starting a new life soon.

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