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Finding Myself Through Writing

After an exhausting 2-hour phone call with KDP this afternoon I finally managed to submit Coffee-Drunk or Blind for the Kindle edition! You can find it here. You have to give the readers what they want and everyone wants an e-book.

With my first book, Crossing The Line, the Kindle publishing was easy-peasy – if I’m remembering correctly. I just uploaded the files, hit submit, and Ziiip-Ziiiip…it was a done deal.

Now CDB was a whole different story. The cover didn’t want to upload. The interior file didn’t want to accept my pictures – yes! there are pictures in this book! – and the technology to get this all done was waaaaaaaay above my head. Arrg!

The guys over at KDP were very patient with this technology-impaired person. Believe me though, if it ever has to be done again, I’ll need more help. My brain did not retain all that changing…

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