The Joy of People-Watching

img_1660The best part of traveling is people-watching.  A young family was sitting a sat or two behind me.  The mother had to take the little girl to the bathroom and interrogated the little boy vigorously as to whether he had to go.  Emphatically, he did not.  Mom annoyed him by asking again.  He stalwartly denied a need to go, despite her insistent interrogation.  Giving up, she took the little girl.  Not long after they were reseated and buckled in, imminent landed was announced.  He’d missed his chance.  Immediately, he set up a howl.  “Mom, get me out of here.  I gotta go! I gotta Go!  The pee is coming down!”

“What!  You said you didn’t have to go!”


Next I watched a young mother bouncing her wailing newborn.  Clearly, she was exhausted.  A young man walked up and she handed off baby, bottle, and pacifier. He skillfully bounced and fed the baby with pacifier in his mouth.  What a man!


Another couple was corralling two little guys.  The older knocked the smaller off a climbing toy.  Dad exploded.  “That’s it!” and stormed off.  Mom simultaneously calmed the little one and put the other in time out.  He howled.

“You hush and think about what you did.  I don’t like the way you treated your brother.”  He snuffled a while before quieting.  Before too long, he was playing with his brother.   Eventually, Dad was back.

26 thoughts on “The Joy of People-Watching

  1. I never realized how much I enjoyed people watching, or at least how much I did it unconsciously until recently. Sometimes my wife and I create stories for them. It makes waiting for whatever we’re doing go quicker!


  2. Lord help me! If I even see kids in a restaurant, I ask to be placed far away from them. Having worked at the health department, I dealt with and was subjected to many a “spoilt and undisciplined” child and will have none of it! LOL If a child is in pain, that’s another story.


      • When my girls were small, my ex was very well to do and we’d go to fancy restaurants. If my daughter, then 4 wanted lobster, she got lobster, but the other one was a holy terror but cute as a button and it bothered me to have her crawling over the seats and peering at others. My husband, arrogant sob that he was, thought it was tolerable. He may have felt that being able to afford it gave him the right. He did not come from a wealthy family. I was more aware of others. He did finally agree that we would wait until she was older and more obedient to take her out. I have never had much patience for unruly children. Yet, if a child has a disability and the parents are trying to have a night out, I’m fine. Go figure.


  3. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    My wife loves to people watch and had gotten me into it too. It is amazing what you see when you sit quiet and simply take in what is around you.


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