Charley’s Tale Part 27

The ornate Victorian-style house held court in the center of the block, its lush lawns and tasteful landscaping beckoning passersby to take ease on its plush lawn or deep porches.  Under its peaceful exterior, a tiger crouched.

After a night of raging against those who loved her most, Ellen lay in a drugged sleep until nearly noon.  She awoke dry-mouthed and groggy, remembering only that she had been treated unjustly by her mother and husband.  She seethed with anger, particularly at that “hateful brat.”  That little beast wasn’t going to get the best of her.  And if her witch of a mother thought she could separate her from her baby, she’d find out who she was dealing with soon enough!  Charles had always been a fool, but easily handled, a whiff of perfume and a twitch of her behind always brought him around.

Cora brought her lunch tray up around noon, only to find her coffee tray untouched.  Ellen was cold and high-handed most days.  Cora expected a storm of before the day was over.  Miss Jessie showed up around one, staggering under a mountain of boxes.

“I don’t know if Miss Ellen’s gonna see you.  She didn’t feel good last night.” Cora warned her.

“Would you please tell her I’m here with a load of precious things for her little girls ?  She made me promise to bring them today.”  Miss Jessie asked.

“I’ll tell her, but I ain’t promisin’ nothin’.”   Cora warned.

“I’ve been bringing things by to Miss Ellen for years.”  Miss Jessie laughed.  “I’ll be fine.”

They were interrupted by Ellen calling down the stairs. “Did Jessie finally get here?  I’ve been waiting for hours!”