To the Girls Who Mocked My Son in the Mall – by Lisa Smith

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Tate age 12, Sydney age 10Last evening as I walked through the nearly empty mall with my two youngest, you five girls were behind us by several yards. We had just seen a movie and were in great spirits. We were walking to meet up with four of my older children.

We stopped to take a photo, at one of those cutout scenes where you stick your faces through the holes. I caught sight of you as we took our photo, walking and giggling and having a good time. I have had teenaged girls and know how much fun they can have together in a mall. I noted to myself that you were a lively group but certainly not threatening in any way. You were walking faster than we were and the gap between us was closing. I turned from snapping our photo and we continued down the hall.

My son fell behind a few…

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2 thoughts on “To the Girls Who Mocked My Son in the Mall – by Lisa Smith

  1. Thanks for sharing this post , I hope it is read by many and makes a difference , reading it I felt sad for the lovely mom who up until this had not been aware of this kind of behaviour; so glad that she turned around and I really hope those girls learnt their lessons , thank you for sharing this post. Kind regards Kathy.


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