Pitchin’ Pine Knots

My husband is the only person I know who looks forward to having  religious visitors drop by in hopes of illuminating and converting him.  We used to have fairly regular concerned visitors from various denominations come to call, but I fear his reputation has spread and our house bears a hidden mark of some type, warning the pious to avoid us like the plague. Continue reading

Diary of Simpler Times

Diary Jan 2Diary Jan 30002Mother and I were going through some of her things looking for pictures for my blog when she came upon her homemade diary from 1939.  I copied a couple of its tattered pages.  I found it endearing to get a peak at a day in her eleven-year-old life. Do little girls that age play dolls now?  It was delightful to hear of her playing and running errands.  I’m so glad to get this little peek.







Vintage Letter

Letter to John Holdway

This is a copy of a letter to my Great-grandfather, John Dobson Holdaway,1834-1928 from his brother Andrew C. Holdaway.  A Civil War Veteran, he moved from Virginia to the frontier of Texas to homestead in 1867. I have difficulty making out the date at the top of the letter. As you can tell, Andrew is yearning for a visit or news from John.  I don’t believe John could read or write.  John returned to visit Virginia once about 1912, when my Grandparents met and married. I’d be appreciative if anyone could decipher the date of the letter.  The letter shredded as I copied it.