I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

imageSometimes I get obsessive about canning and filling my freezers.  I make a point to get to it the markdowns at the meat counter and in the produce department.  You get great deals that way.  The butcher was marking meat down as I was making my selection today.  I simply handed him my purchases and he checked the date and marked it right then.  If I had been five minutes earlier, I’d have paid thirty percent more.  It made my day.  I make sure to watch the dates in he freezer and can the meat up if it’s been there a few months.   I buy whole turkeys after the holidays, bake them, and can the turkey and broth.  I still have four quarts of canned turkey from Christmas.  It makes great soup, turkey salad, pot pies, and casseroles.

Yesterday I got twenty pounds of assorted apples off the markdown rack for six dollars. I canned seven quarts of apple pie filling, five pints of apples in light syrup and juice and five pints of apple jam from the peelings.  It’s incredible to think of all that produce for just six dollars.  I’d cooked two pounds of dried navy beans and pork the night before, so I canned four quarts of beans as long as I had the canners out.  I’d been wanting to can sausage gravy, so I made a batch and canned two quarts of that, as well.  It turned out great!  The main thing to remember when canning meat, is that it has to process at least ninety minutes at ten to fifteen pounds pressure to kill off microbes.  Vegetables and fruit take far less time, so they will fall apart if you process them with at the same time as meat.


I have two of these pressures canners, so I can can fourteen quarts at once.  I have an smaller canner I can use for pints or smaller.  Should you stumble up on a used pressure canner, you can find replacement parts easily on line.  You can also find brand specific instructions and parts lists on line.


Bud built shelves in the garage for storage.  I mark and date jars with Sharpy.




39 thoughts on “I Think I Can! I Think I Can!

  1. Wow! You are a busy bee. Living in Florida we have fresh veggies and warm weather. It does get chilly from November to Feb. but not by your standards. My mom used to can when I was a child. We had a garden every summer and everything was stored in the basement. The peaches were delicious especially when we were able to eat them in Dec. and Jan. There were six children and my parents. She always baked bread and goodies as well.
    I do make my own pasta and I make a great sauce with meatballs, sausage and pork neck bones. I usually freeze the leftovers. Now it’s only hubby and me but I do cook and bake when the kids are coming to visit. They love it all. :o)

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  2. Ha! Someone after my own heart! I like to believe I have a special relationship with the ‘meat counter lady’ and she just waits for me to walk in so that she can begin the day’s mark downs 🙂 your canning shelf looks a lot like my mother-in-law’s. I am especially partial to homemade Pepper Jelly!


  3. I’m impressed how well-organized you are. You’ve really got canning down! It sounds like an economical way to go too, although possibly not in my case since I’m convinced I’d accidentally blow up my apartment.


  4. I love how you think. Busy-busy and your shelves and jars look well-stocked. 🙂
    Better not to waste a thing. I think the same but now there is only me to cook for. 😀 😀 I still like bargains and my pantry is ready for any event and my freezer can feed an army. Just give me 24 hours notice. I haven’t had a pressure cooker since my last one died. I’m sure the new ones are much better. 😀

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    • I can meat also, dried beans with pork, beef tips and gravy, beef either in its own broth or gravy, or in tomatoes for soup. I just looked up recipes on line on canning site. I also can chicken and turkey. When canning meat, be sure to maintain pressure of 15 lbs for at least 90 minutes from this the time pressure reaches 15 lbs. After jars cool check to make sure they are well sealed. When opening jars, there should be a nice snap when pressure releases. Never use anything that is not sealed tightly. Vegetables and fruit don’t require as much time, so don’t plan on putting them in with meat.

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  5. That’s wonderful that you can so much. I also can but not to the extent that you do. I use to but not anymore. Home canned food is wonderful because you know exactly what is inside the jar without chemical additives.

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  6. We love canned food at Gastradamus, we do indeed. Ibeth is great at what she does and her blog is so warm and welcoming. We need more bloggers like Ibeth, because she is what makes the internet a great place.


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