The Curse

I can’t sit still.  I blame my parents.  On top of Nature, they sandbagged me with Nurture.  They inflicted me with the inability to ignore what needs doing.  I hate it!  I grew up learning to  clean it up, use it up, and mend it as long as possible.  Just one time, I’d like to get up in the morning, decide it’s a lazy day, and then just lie around reading, petting the dog, or lying in the hammock, unconcerned about making the bed, vacuuming, cleaning the stove, or ironing.  Once I note a task that needs doing, it’s written in stone on my little bitty brain.

Yesterday, I woke feeling droopy.  Over coffee, I told Bud I thought I’d take the day off.  The house looked pretty tidy.  It would do fine.  Before I got started relaxing, I decided to strip the bed and wash the sheets.  As I passed through to the laundry, I noted tomatoes on the kitchen counter and remembered my plans to can chili.  Forgetting my lazy day plans, I got right to it, chopping onions and peppers.  I ended up with twelve quarts of chili before noon.  While the chili was in the canner, I vacuumed and scrubbed the bathroom.

As I remade the bed, I pulled out a quilt Buzzy had chewed a quarter-sized hole in.  He haddn’t done anything like that since he was a pup.  The quilt was several years old but too good to discard.  I felt compelled to patch.  I didn’t totally match, but I couldn’t forget about the hole till it was patched.  it would be so much easier to discard it, but I just can’t toss an old friend that can be salvaged.

Okay, so I blew my lazy day.  Last night, I noticed my stove needs scrubbing and my patio needs a cleaning.  Looks like I’m set for tomorrow.



31 thoughts on “The Curse

    • Don’t you hate it! I clean when I don’t want to. Today I scrubbed my stove, washed kitchen cabinets, and thoroughly cleaned my patio. I’m sure something else wii grab me.


  1. I can never get out the front door without making sure the house is tidy in case we have burglars or in case we are both hospitalised, kidnapped or killed and the police or family have to break into the house…


  2. dave lewis says:

    You couldn’t have just taken the day off as it would have weighed too heavily on your conscience.Besides that’s a mans job!!


    • Now I understand. Before I had gall-bladder surgery, I made six quart pot of home made chicken noodle soup, thinking it would be good for several days while I recuperated. I was nauseated for a few days after surgery. By the time I felt like eating, Bud had finished it off. I still miss that soup!


  3. I’ve been facing this same problem and glad to say that installing a hammock with the prettiest view of your garden and getting a Scottie to jump up to weight you down the minute you lie down in it helps.

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  4. I am having a good laugh as your delightful post could be a mirror image of many of my days that I had previously declared ‘I’m doing nothing today.’ Chilli sounds really good. All my best to you.


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