Where in the Hell Did He Hear That”

cute little boyBoth of my kids talked early.  That can be a curse.  When my son was about twenty months old, we’d been pursuing mice in our house.  He never got there in time to see them.  One wonderful day, he found one that had fallen and drowned in the commode.  He came ripping out to share the thrilling news, then made the following remark, “I’ve been wanting to see a mouse for many years, and finally found one in the bammode.(commode)  That son of a bitch!”

Pooping with Brian

I got my daughter a Dalmatian for her thirteenth birthday.  I do believe that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  For about a day and a half, Annie was sweet.  As soon as she got her bearings,she became a hyperactive, maniacal buzz saw, plundering and eviscerating everything in her path from shoes to the rag top on my husband’s MG, but that’s a story for another post. Continue reading