Vintage Photos of Unknown People

Graveside0001 (2)Sad Man

I am haunted by both these vintage photos of people unknown to me.  The woman is possibly distant family.  The photograph of the sad man and children was found at an estate sale.  I think they are calling out for a story.


22 thoughts on “Vintage Photos of Unknown People

  1. I think you should be talking to Rod Stewart. Wasn’t his first solo album titled after the song of the same name, “Every Picture Tells A Story Don’t It?” Sounds to me like he’s the expert. Lol.


  2. inspiredbybooks says:

    Those are indeed haunting and lovely. Though I am told people never used to smile in photos (not sure why) so maybe that man wasn’t sad after all.


    • You know those flowers had to be from local yards, not shops. I often walked along with my elderly Cousin Kathleen to visit her husband’s grave. She picked wild flowers along the way and put them in a mason jar on his grave. I never saw anyone else do that.

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