World Championship Foot In Mouth Award


I am the World Champion at talking when I should have been listening.  More than thirty years ago, I had a dear friend in Nursing School who was valiantly struggling with morbidly obesity serious enough to interfere with ambulation and other life activities, not to mention the psychic and social pain she dealt with daily.  Working hard to get her weight under control when I last saw her at the end of classes in May, she’d obviously lost a few pounds by the time classes resumed in September. I congratulated her, delighted at her progress.

She thanked me, saying,”I lost seven pounds over the summer.” (I thought.)

“Seven pounds has made such a difference!  That’s wonderful.  Boy, pretty soon you’ll see some real progress!”

Bursting into tears, she wailed.  “I said seventy pounds.”

I am happy to say, despite my discouraging words, she lost over two hundred pounds by the time she graduated, simply by dietary and life style changes!  What a woman!


25 thoughts on “World Championship Foot In Mouth Award

  1. Poor woman…Poor you, you must have felt terrible…My closest lifelong friend has always struggled with the same condition. I recall how people stared at us when we went out to dinner. They looked at her as if she had no right to eat at all. When we talk about stigma…the stigma against people who are obese is terrible.


  2. Well done!
    I once left my wedding toast at home and thus my parting words to the bride and groom were “until you die.”
    In my defense, he was my ex-boyfriend, I was pregnant, I had to wear a red satin dress, and they’re not married anymore, OKAY? Okay 😉

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