We never stop wanting our mothers. That is probably our first and last longing. When I cared for patients in times of pain and need, they often called out for their mother’s comfort. We want out mothers when we are giving birth, traumatized by pain or events, and at the moment of death. Many times I have held the hand of elderly patients whose mothers had to have been long dead and had the patient call me “Mother.” I never corrected them. Who am I to say it wasn’t their mother they saw as they moved on.


52 thoughts on “Mother?

  1. There is that special bond with one’s mother. Mine has been gone a long time now and I am pushing 79 but still think of our once a week Sunday morning chats. I would always call her on a Sunday morning and we would chat about nothing in particular. Just a son and his mother chatting to stay in touch. Great post. Thank you. Irwin


  2. That is poignant. My mother is still alive, but I had this vivid dream recently of being in an earthquake at the house I was born in and calling for my mother to help me ( in the dream I was still adult me! ) – in reality I would have to help her 93 year old self.


  3. This short post says so very much. I know your heart and it is good. You have my deepest admiration. I was with my mother and second mother in law when they left us. My mother was not capable of loving us but no matter, I loved her anyway. I’ve searched out mother figures my whole life but there was no one to fill in for me. It made me want to be the best mother ever and the best daughter I could be. Walking anyone through the final journey is a sacred undertaking. May we all do it as well as you have.

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  4. I would imagine that happens a lot – people crying out for their mother. Whether they are old or young we see our mothers (most of us) as nurturing and unconditional love. I think it is wonderful that you understood your patients as seeing their mother instead of you while they passed on.


  5. So true! I just read a blog a few minutes ago and the young girl was in so much emotional pain over losing hers recently. I know my mother often thought I was her mother toward the end. I too, didn’t tell her different.


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