Best friends by blackmail


Most childhood friendships begin with sweet moments. Such as finding your soul sister on the first day of kindergarten or moving to a new school and being all alone until that one kid sees you sitting by yourself and decides to sit and share their lunch with you, sparking a lifelong bond. At least that’s how it usually happens in movies or in books.

That’s not the case with me or my best friend of now 20 + years.

I was 12 and had recently joined a new church with my family. It was a small church in a small town. We didn’t live in the area and I didn’t go to school there, so I really didn’t know anyone. The congregation had maybe a little over 100 members on a good day and the youth group had about 4 of us in it.

My first Sunday in Sunday school…

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Back Story on Corwin or Mother’s Bad Attitude


imageThis repost gives a little history of my cousin Corwin, who Mother did NOT want moving on their place.  In my family of “Mixed Nuts” Cousin Corwin was the winner, hands down. When he was about twelve, he and his twin Kelvin got in a little “dust up” with the police, so it seemed like a good time to get out of town. Aunt Essie called Daddy, asking if the twins could come spend a few days. Now if the image “twins” brings to mind thoughts of “barefoot boys with cheeks of tan,” think again. Kelvin to all intents and purposes, could have passed for normal, but Corwin was nuts. At five foot eight and two hundred and sixty pounds, he was physically intimidating. His pale blue eyes blazed with madness. He ripped through a fried chicken like a chain saw. Mother had to double the amount she normally cooked…

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