Smarty Kitty

Don’t ever watch infomercials when you’re bored and your wallet is handy.  Had a cold a few weeks ago, was flipping channels, and happened on a commercial for Smarty-Kitty, a product that will train a cat of any age to use the toilet.  I didn’t need Smarty-Kitty.  Squeaky, my ragdoll cat is five years old and up until I interfered with his life at that point, had never had an accident.  Well, naturally, I got busy and ordered Smarty-Kitty and the amazing “But wait” cat products that came along with it, postage and handling separate.  As soon as Smarty-Kitty arrived, I set it up as directed on a stool, in the bathroom near toilet, and Squeaky accommodated my craziness by using it, just like the commercial said he would.  We progressed in baby steps, as directed, moving it closer, finally, putting cat toilet directly on toilet seat.  Squeaky was okay with all this until I reached the point that I started cutting out circles when he would have been pooping directly into the toilet.  This was too much for him and he revolted and started pooping in bathtub.  I repented and put catbox back immediately, but he refuses to forgive me.  Since that time, any time I leave my bathroom door open, he poops in the bathtub, on a towel if he can find one, or on my bathroom rug.  He even got my sewing kit once. I have repented of buying Smarty-Kitty many times, but have yet to obtain Squeaky’s forgiveness.  I will never mess with a cat’s bathroom habits again.

22 thoughts on “Smarty Kitty

  1. And it’s not only CATS that have ‘bad’ bathroom habits. Ms. Huny (who is housebroken and will hold indefinitely) seems to find the bathroom a place to go. If I leave the door open. Maybe it’s the softness of the rugs in there or the toilet surround or something, but she loves to go in the bathroom. On the rugs. Never poops on the FLOOR (which is tile) and for which I might forgive her…she’s a small dog and things will happen (like sh*t), and sometimes I’m a bad mommy and leave her alone too long. Someone suggested once that I invest in a cat box for her, but I think that’s giving mixed messages AND I don’t work long hours any more, so I have no excuse. The toilet thing sounds HILARIOUS. What I want to know is, when you’ve engaged Smart Kitty, and you, the HUMAN, have to go, where does the Kitty potty go? What if there were incidents of urgency simultaneously? Bathtub for one of you? 😉

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  2. dave lewis says:

    You can’t teach an old dog or cat new tricks.Cats hate people watching them when there having a poo also.They are very prudish and sensitive creatures.


  3. Wow. I had a similar problem with my cat. When he was about six months old, just by observing my family using the toilet, he decided to use it too. Everything went well for about a month, but then my cat decided, in his case, it would be easier to poop in the sink. That did not go well, obviously. Now I have to put random objects in the sink (like a bottle of Listerine) so he can’t fit in there. Oh well.


  4. For the first year of her life, my cat would not go outside. She was afraid to. Then, after she turned 1 year she started going outside and decided she likes the “big” cat box outside rather than the one in the house. I was so happy!

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  5. This was so funny. I had a similar incident on QVC, when we bought on impulse. I wrote a story about it, ‘I Was A QVC Virgin’. Find it on my blog ‘’. Have a great day!


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