Vagina, Boobs, and Poop


This is the start of a twelve part series posted eight months ago.  I am now expanding into a book.  Enjoy.

This post has nothing to do with any of these.  I am doing a post on crazy things my mother has said and done and wanted to see if this garnered interest.  Mother is sensitive about her age and height, so I can’t mention the fact that she is past eighty, and “not tall,” but besides that, has said and done some interesting things. Continue reading

The Wonder of Water: A True Story

With author’s permission, I’d like to reblog. Wish I’d seen this when I was suffering as a teen. I am following this blogger now.

People, Places, and Perspectives.

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Here’s a simple story of how water changed a young woman’s life:

“I used to suffer from a bad case of pimples and acne. I had such a pizza face that it affected my self-confidence, to the extent that when I talked to people I would not look at them in the eye. And imagine I was a bank teller!

I went from doctor to doctor and tried all sorts of creams and medication. But nothing worked. One day I went to see a new dermatologist, and he told me to forget about everything else, and just drink a lot of water! So I started guzzling water, a few liters a day, and I would just drink and drink. True enough, my skin started clearing up as the water flushed out all the toxins in my body that were causing the breakouts.

My life…

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Poor, Sweet Emma Lou (from my mother’s memoirs of the 1930’s)

When my mother Lizzie left Virginia as a young bride around 1913, she was most lonesome for her baby sister, Emma Lou, a precious blue-eyed blonde of eight. Emma Lou had been born when Grandma Sarah Perkins was past forty. Grandma must have been dismayed by a burst of fertility, eventually giving birth to five more children, the last Continue reading