10 thoughts on “Irena Sendler “An Angel among us”

  1. Tania Tome M de Castro says:

    A great history! I had never heard of her or her story.
    She was a hero. An unknown, a good soul.
    Too bad she did not win the Nobel Prize.


  2. Sadly there were so many unsung heroes from those horrific times. Perhaps they couldn’t select one to win a prize without offending and overlooking the others. Thank you for sharing this story, particularly meaningful for me being of Polish descent on my maternal side.


  3. Great story. True heroes often get overlooked. For example, why did Barack Obama get a Nobel peace prize?
    Al Gore is a moron. And the key to global warming is this: Beside other natural Earth cycles that regulate temperature changes; our Earth will eventually be incinerated by the sun when it reaches Giant Red status. Politicizing natural forces plays to emotions and not intelligence.


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