Looking for Jesus

imageThe drunk stumbled up on a tent revival meeting just as they started up the baptizing.  The preacher put his arm around him, asking him if wanted wanted to find Jesus.

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OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES!Blogging Univ. Writing 101 Day 12

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Ah kid’s say the darnedest things don’t they? When first born, they’re so cute, and seemingly innocent! Such as this adorable bundle of joy pictured above! Just breathtaking!
That is until you’re gasping for airbecauseof something they’ve said that made you want to crawl underneath the nearest chair and hide!
My mom said I had a knack for such moments (je vous demande pardon)! That’s Google French for ‘I beg your pardon’ by the way. So on this particular shinySunday afternoon, I wassoproud of the tooth I had lost and the shiny new quarter I got in return.I was six years old and becoming a big girl!

Mommy stood outside of the church after service talking to *Deacon Bartholomew. They were going on and on about how glorious a day it was! Well when he smiled a…

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