I Can’t Find Anything for Lunch!

Bud came in about noon announcing he and Buzzy were going to look for some lunch.  About three minutes later, he came back to where I was writing, announcing they’d given up.  That’s what he always does when nothing jumps out of the refrigerator onto his plate.  Sure enough, I went in the kitchen, finding he’d done a late night raid.  The fridge was empty.  There wasn’t a slice of meat or cheese, a teaspoon of mayonnaise, a leaf of lettuce. There were the sad remains of a bowl of potato salad, but it didn’t look too tempting since he hadn’t wrapped it back up after last night’s raidimage.  Alas, no cookies, no chips, nor bread.  I’m pretty sure he wasn’t innocent of this information when he announced he couldn’t find anything for lunch.  I did find six potatoes and a bag of baby carrots unmolested in the crisper.

There were no quick foods in the pantry, except for those I’d canned, which Bud doesn’t recognize as real food.  I pulled out two jars of homemade Italian Vegetable Sausage Soup I made from fresh vegetables from my garden last summer, added the fresh carrots and potatoes, and fresh thyme, parsley, oregano, garlic, and onions from my herb bed.  I found frozen hot dog buns and toasted them with fresh garlic butter.  It was absolutely wonderful.

Mind Your Pees!

Kid peeingMother keeps a five-gallon thermos of ice water and a stack of plastic cups on her back steps for passersby in her neighborhood. She leaves a container for used cups so she can wash and reuse. Dozens of people stop by for water, every day,  mainly children. One day, a lone six-year-old stopped by, got a drink, turned his back to the street, peed in his Continue reading

The Snake and the Flying Fencepost

laughing snake

Daddy had recently had surgery and was hobbling around on crutches in an ankle to thigh cast.  Feeling he just had to get outside for just a few minutes, he took his first trip into the yard.  Four-year-old Marilyn who was following him around suddenly starting screaming in terror.  She’d stepped on a snake!  Daddy balanced himself on one crutch, grabbed her, Continue reading