Post Partum Depression

Kate and JohnWhen my first child was born, I suffered from Post Partum Depression.  I had expected to welcome him joyfully into my life, but I was so depressed, I wasn’t able to do that.  I cared for him like an automaton, bathing, dressing, feeding, and rocking him like all new mothers, but knew something was missing.  I talked to my doctor, who told me sometimes new mothers get the blues.  Fortunately, I never developed psychosis.  I had excellent family support.  By the time he was six months old, I was pretty much back to normal, and adored him, just as I’d expected to, but for years I felt guilty, feeling I had cheated him.  When my second child came along, I was depressed again, but knew it would pass, so wasn’t worried.  I feel for mothers in bad circumstances or with no support or access to medical care.  It is easy to see that they could get lost.  Thank God for modern medicine.

33 thoughts on “Post Partum Depression

  1. backtowhatever says:

    I love it how mothers are able to admit that it’s not always love at the first sight – and it doesn’t need to be. Honest love at the second glance is anyways much stronger and as a child of such a mother you just can’t be cold and not admit that those women are heroes and worth being respected for everything they went through to have a kid.


  2. I can understand the guilt. Glad you picked up where you left off. You have gorgeous kids. Are the blues due to hormonal imbalance after giving birth? I never have heard. ❤ ❤
    I fell in love immediately and felt I'd known how she looked all along. Funny, how that happens to some,


  3. I took care of a woman who became very psychotic after she delivered. She spent weeks in a psychiatric unit on neuroleptics. Turned out she had a pituitary tumor. Yes, thank God for modern medicine!


  4. Rosa Ave Fénix says:

    It`s almost normal, it happened to me as well as I suffered a horrible delivery..I was more than one month I coudln’t sat… so when my mother told me… You had a nice girl… I thought… other woman who will pass the same misery….I wish she were with me…

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  5. I always wondered why I didn’t automatically fall in love with my first newborn – aren’t you supposed to? But I was just sooooo tired all the time. I also had excellent family support, so within just a few weeks, I was defending my child like a mother bear (“Don’t you touch that baby until you’ve washed your hands!” “Stop showing that baby to all your neighbors and friends – she’s my child, not a toy for you to play with!”). It never occurred to me that I might have suffered post-partum depression, and no medical person ever brought it up. Although I did have one pediatrician offer to prescribe valium for me if the baby’s crying became too hard to handle. I declined, mostly because I didn’t want to be too medicated to take care of my own kid.

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