The Bear, the Princess, and the Hearing Aid

Papa Bear¬†doted on his only¬†daughter, Princess Bear,¬†who was not only beautiful, but sweet, gentle, and wise.¬† He adored her, trying hard to give her all she needed for a good life.¬† He rocked her, ran behind her on her bicycle to catch her, lest she fall, dried her tears, and brushed her long, curly fur, never tugging at tangles.¬† He tucked her in at night, dreading the day she’d leave his cave.

One day, his lovely¬†Princess Bear¬†ventured out into the wood.¬† Young¬†bears started to coming to pay court to her.¬† Papa Bear asked, “Please bring your¬†friends home to meet me.”¬† Of course, she¬†didn’t really care for¬†the idea, but since she loved Papa Bear, and¬†he was so kind, she did as he asked.

One evening, she brought yet another young¬†bear¬†to the cave¬†to meet¬†Papa Bear.¬† “Pleased to meet you, Sir.¬† I’ll have her home by eleven.”¬† He said in¬†an extraordinarily nicey, nice¬†bear voice.

“Grrrrr.”¬† said Papa Bear.¬† “I’ll be waiting for you at nine-thirty.”¬†They were home¬†at nine-twenty eight.

“I didn’t really like him,” said the Princess Bear the next morning.¬† “Something about him was a unbearable.”

“Oh, well,” said Papa Bear.¬† “Sometimes that just happens.”

In a few minutes, there was¬†a knock at the cave¬†door.¬† “I don’t want to see¬†you again.¬† Don’t call on me anymore.”¬†¬†Princess Bear¬†closed the door.

Seconds¬†later,¬†a second knock sounded.¬† “I told you.¬† I don’t want to see you again!”¬† Papa Bear was right behind¬†his little Princess, not¬†the sound of any of¬†it.

He asked her, “Is that young bear bothering you?¬† At her nod, he stepped from behind her, speaking to the pushy young bear, quite gruffly.¬†¬†“Princess Bear¬†doesn’t ever want to see you or speak to you again.¬† Now, if you’re having trouble understanding that, I’ll be happy to meet you in the woods and explain it!”

The young bear understood Papa Bear perfectly.   He had just needed a hearing aid.