If I Die Before I Wake


Nomadic Adventurer’s beautiful post(see link above) and conversations with Edwina’s Episodes and Erika KindĀ have me feeling reflective this morningĀ  If I die this morning, I have nothing to regret.Ā  IĀ love andĀ am loved.Ā  I have a wonderful family, friends, and have done meaningful work.Ā  I’ve have the opportunity toĀ encounter so many people, animals, places, experiences, nature, andĀ been givenĀ the gift of spiritual growth.Ā All my needs are met and IĀ know the joy of sharing.Ā  I am thankful.

Thou Shalt Not Thong

imageThe pastor’s vocabulary could have used a little updating before he addressed his concerns that the young people were taking casual dress at morning services just a bit too far. Ā “I’ll bet half of the young ladies out there are wearing thongs this morning.” Ā Though he was thinking of the ” flip flop” shoes of his youth, not sexy underwear, he certainly had everyone’s attention.