Mind Your Pees!

Kid peeingMother keeps a five-gallon thermos of ice water and a stack of plastic cups on her back steps for passersby in her neighborhood. She leaves a container for used cups so she can wash and reuse. Dozens of people stop by for water, every day,  mainly children. One day, a lone six-year-old stopped by, got a drink, turned his back to the street, peed in his empty cup, and tossed it back in to-be-washed container. Mother came flying out of her house, where she’d seen him from her kitchen windown, and told him if he did that again he couldn’t get water at her house. She called me later wondering if she’d been too harsh. I don’t think this is the woman who raised me.


25 thoughts on “Mind Your Pees!

  1. Large corporations have taught too many of this practice. The young fellow was likely just preparing himself for his future in the work word. Thank goodness he did not mistake the large cooler for a drinking cup! Your mother did the right thing. However, I would be hesitant leaving such a jug outside in todays sometimes over climatic world. One never knows what could end up in the cooler and who might be the one in trouble. :o)

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  2. Reminds me a bit of the elderly lady who was asked to keep a morning sample of her water every day for seen days. The only glass bottle she had available for such volume originally contained whiskey.
    On her way to the surgery the following week, the bag containing said bottle was ripped off her arm, leaving her surprised but otherwise unhurt. She said she hopped the mugger enjoyed his tipple.


  3. Little boys and their appendages!! Good thing she set a limit with him so he starts getting the message to keep it in his pants. Sometimes I wonder at how PC we’ve all become that normal sensible people start questioning themselves over stuff like this. If she’d been harsh, she would have taken a picture of him like the one in the post and published it in the local paper:0)) What a kind person to leave water out for passers-by!


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