Ask Auntie Linda, September 1, 2015

Auntie LindaDear Auntie Linda, My husband  is seventy-four and I am sixty- eight.  We are retired Military.  We built a house near our only daughter’s family. at their home in the mountains in Virginia just two years ago so our daughter could help us out.  Now her husband has taken a job in Miami and wants us to buy a houseboat to dock near them. We don’t think that’s a great idea. My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and I have Diabetic Neuropathy.  He is a good man and I don’t want to make him mad.   Need Help

Dear Need Help, I’ll be generous here and just say your son in law is out in la-la land.  If I were more critical I might say he planned to hornswoggle you out of a houseboat.  I believe if I moved to Miami, I’d invest in a nice condo and keep my business to myself.

Dear Auntie Linda,  My mother brought me a special cheesecake.  I offered to share the the last piece when she came over one day and she refused, but when I went in to get it later, she’d slipped back in and scooped the whipped cream off the top, ruining it.  Why didn’t she just take it or leave it?  Messed up

Dear Messed Up,  I guess she had gifter’s remorse or thought you were blind?  Auntie Linda


While being interviewed for a job, the personnel manager said to the Maguire brothers:

‘We’re going to give you a written examination. Ten questions. Whoever gets most right we’ll hire.’

Papers were produced and the boys set to work answering the general knowledge questions. When the time was up the personnel manager collected and marked the papers.

‘Well,’ said he, ‘you’ve both got nine out of ten, but I’m giving Mick the job.’

‘Why’s that?’ asked Pat.

‘Well,’ said the manager, ‘you both got the same question wrong but he had

‘I don’t know this’ and you had ‘Neither do I!’.

joke of the day

Best Bar in The World
The first says: “Aye, this is a nice bar, but where I come from, there’s a better one. At MacDougal’s, you buy a drink, you buy another drink, and MacDougal himself will buy your third drink!”

The second then starts: “That sounds like a nice bar, but where I come from, there’s a better one called Quinns. At Quinns, you buy a drink, Quinn buys you a drink. You buy another drink, Quinn buys you another drink.”

Then the third pipes up. “You think that’s good? Where I come from, there’s this place called Murphy’s. At Murphy’s, they buy you your first drink, they buy you your second drink, they buy you your third drink, and then, they take you in the back and get you laid!”
“Wow!” say the other two. “That sounds fantastic! Did that actually happen to you?” “No,” replies their friend, “but it happened to my sister!”

On The Radio… update!

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What fun I had last Friday speaking with Annette Rochelle Aben as her guest on Tell Me a Story, a presentation of The Magic Happens Radio Network!

I appreciated the opportunity to talk about my blog, my family, and the story I contributed to the latest book in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering and Giving Back. I was especially happy to talk more about Nannie, my grandmother, and what a powerful influence she was on me and anyone she ever met.

So many kind comments came after the interview and I appreciate those more than you know. To say I was nervous is an understatement, but Annette’s professional and laid back style enabled me to take a breath and get on with what I wanted to say!

Some who missed the live radio show have asked for the archived link, so I’m attaching that here:

Thanks again for reading…

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