My little niece came home from kindergarten with shocking news.  “Ms. Wilson lets Betsy say the F-word!”

My sister burst out, ” I know Ms. Wilson.  She’d never let Betsy talk like that.”

“Jenny insisted.  “Yes she did,  Betsy said their cat was fat and Betsy didn’t” get in trouble.

18 thoughts on “F-Word

  1. Heck, the F-word applies to diets too…………FOOD (and Fat for that matter)! Love it.
    Joke for you:
    Little girl was forever being told off for biting her nail, and in desperation her mother told her if she continued to do so, she’d get fat.
    One day on the bus, the little girl noticed a heavily pregnant woman and shouted’ I know what you’ve been doing!’ The woman flushed bright red as the child continued ‘You’ve been biting your nails!’


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