Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine

imageAre you familiar with these good old Southern phrases and how to use them?

“Bless your heart”  means I was “raised right” and can’t call you a dumbass to your face.

“Raised right” means you were in church at least twice every Sunday and are still scared of you little bitty, old mama.  You have to  “Ma’am” and “Sir” folks till the day you die, or Mama will be “hurt.”  You don’t want Mama to be hurt.  You’ll be “lower than a snake’s belly” till one of the other kids messes up.

If a girls “smears” on too much lipstick folks might say her face might look like a “chicken’s butt in pokeberry season.”

If you’re not treated right, you’re sucking on hind tit.”  If things are great, “you’re happy as a dead pig in the sunshine” or a “pig in slop.”

You have to wave at everybody in the neighborhood, and speak, or at least nod to everybody you meet.  It doesn’t matter whether you know them or not.

This is just a start.  If you are headed South and need some help, you know who to call.

59 thoughts on “Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sunshine

  1. My first day of school in New York was fraught with misunderstandings. I’d never seen young teachers before and was fascinated by the idea that a woman could wear high fashion and teach the sixth grade. When I entered the art appreciation class the teacher said my name and asked if she was correct. I replied, “yes, Ma’am.” Her face darkened and she said,”We do not joke in this class.” I was baffled. The girl in the desk next to mine raised her hand and said, “He’s not joking!”. I didn’t get it until the teacher told me that Ma’am was not necessary in her class. Yes and no were the only words required as an answer to a direct question. I laugh when I think about it now. Thank you for this post.

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  2. e says:

    I was just asked if I’m from the south because I used the phrase “it was so quiet you could hear a rat pee on cotton” in a recent post lol. Not from the south but had my southern grandparents to thank for that one lol

    Loved this. You are so funny!

    All the best


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  3. Really liked this post: “I might could get that for you,” “Well, isn’t that nice,” are two of my favorites. The second one, as you know, is a put down to braggarts from up north.


  4. You’ve just made me as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine! Those are genius! (And I’m absolutely going to adopt ‘Bless your heart’ when talking to A LOT of people I know’.)


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