Buzzy, the Music Critic

Buzzy and BudBuzzy has a busy life.  First thing every morning, he wakes me up to make coffee and take him out. He tries to go in the street. Then he goes back to bed till he thinks its time to get Bud up to drink coffee and take him out, and make another run at the street.  When Bud won’t let him, he tells Bud I always let him.  They argue a little before coming back in so he can sit on Bud’s lap while Bud plays the guitar.  When Buzzy gets enough, he puts his head on the guitar strings to silence it. By that Continue reading

Evil Larry Update

Since a lot of you seemed to enjoy hearing about my cousin Evil Larry who tormented my poor brother so, I thought I’d give you a little more.  Like I said, we were periodically subjected to cousinly visits, whether or not we wanted them.  Hence, Evil Larry was often around to inflict mayhem.  Once he stood on a fence post in our front yard shouting racial Continue reading

Christmas with the Family (God Help Us All)

Cousins on Christmas

Cousins on Christmas

This is a group of my cousins and me, snatched from out of the yard one Christmas afternoon, long enough to snap this picture.  All of us, with the exception of my sister Phyllis, seated holding the squalling baby, my sister Connie, and my cousin Paula being held out by my Aunt Ola Bea, had been out playing football.   There were about forty of us Continue reading