Mean Mama

Here I sit watching ” The Nutcracker!”  My mother told me I couldn’t be a ballerina because dancing would give me big legs.  I didn’t need to be prissing around in one of those short skirts showing off my panties, and I didn’t need to be messing around with guys wearing tights.  She sure ruined my life!

John’s Tragedy (Part I from Kathleen’s Memoirs)

When John was in the army stationed in New Orleans, we got a letter from him saying he’d married a girl named Wanda. It included a studio picture from Wanda, too, introducing herself. They’d see us some time soon when John got leave. Before too many months, there was a letter there was a Continue reading


The new preacher was making his way through the community visiting prospects. Stopping by a beautifully groomed farm, he admired the immaculate fences, freshly painted barn, and pastoral fields.

“Well sir!  You and the Good Lord certainly have done a wonderful job with this farm!”

“Thanks, but you you should have seen it when the Good Lord had it by himself.”