Joe walked into a bar and saw a tiny little man sitting on the end of the bar playing his heart out on a perfectly scaled miniature grand  piano.  “Barkeeper, where did he come from?”

The barkeeper pointed toward a lamp sitting on the bar.  ” I rubbed this lamp.  A genii came out and gave him to me.”

“Let me give it a try!”  Joe rubbed the lamp and a genii appeared before him.

“What is your desire? You get one and only one wish”

Without hesitation, Joe asked for a million bucks.  The genii disappeared back into the lamp as the room filled with ducks.  They overflowed out into the street as far as the eye could see.

Horrified, Joe said, “What the Hell?  I said I wanted a million BUCKS, not a million ducks.  Is that genii deaf?”

“Yep,” replied the bartender.  “How else do you think I would have gotten stuck with this 12 inch pianist?”

Day 1 – first blog! sexual abuse / bipolar / bpd

Let’s’ welcome this new blogger. Scarred and scared


Who the heck knows if this will ever be read or cared about, but I now have a place I can call my own to write how I am feeling and not worry about the emotion involved. I am a single female who is currently in recovery, which I am told is going to be a long journey. It took a long time to get this screwed up so no doubt it will take some time to be able to live a normal life without shame, constant depression, self harm, paranoia and all the other lovely things I feel. See, I grew up in an alcoholic home. There’s nothing special about me. I am just your average gal in my mid 30’s, you probably wouldn’t pick me walking down the street as having major depressive disorder along with Bippolar and Borderline Personality Disorder, I work, I have my own house…

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Something beautiful from the MNPD (Nashville) Chief of Police

Reblogged from scholars and rogues. A search for a peaceful solution and rational behavior. What a noble idea

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This is the talk all our police need to walk

From The Tennessean: Nashville police chief shares message, responds to questions

At least take a moment to read the email to Chief Anderson from a member of the self-proclaimed “majority” of people in Nashville (read: not, apparently) and Chief Anderson’s astounding reply.

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Farewell to Domino

DominoPark Patrol.  That was Domino’s job. A beautiful black and white Akita, Domino patrolled the streets of his Highland neighborhood and Columbia Park for nearly eight years.  He made his appointed rounds four times a day, rain or shine, accompanied by his assistants, John and Carissa.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew Domino by name, though his Continue reading