On nobody’s Christmas List

Throughout my life, I’ve gotten a number of surprising to downright crazy gifts.

1.  Armadillo made of dried manure.

2.  Venus Fy Trap dead.

3.  Yam pralines

4.  Wormy Pecans

5.  Paper Plates

6.  Mens undershirts

7. Hand-embroidered horse head sweatshirt in fluorescent pink

8. Panties with messages printed across the rear:  Hello!  Wanna Be Friends?  Do theses Panties Make My Butt Look Big?

9. Size 6 slippers

10. Moldy homemade Christmas treats.

36 thoughts on “On nobody’s Christmas List

  1. My MIL used to give me her raffle prizes for Christmas. I had my suspicions when she announced winning a gift set of talc and a powder puff, which she considered useless. I said she could always give it to me as I’d always liked one, so lo and behold, that was my gift that year. However, the clincher was the raffle ticket still attached to the box on a rather elegant figurine. 🙂


  2. I’ve had some naff gifts too, and not just for Christmas! Chocs for my birthday wishing me a Happy Easter (Easter was in April, my birthday’s in May), a size 24 t-shirt (I was actually a 12, and wondered if it was made for 2), and a stuffed toy with a proposal of marriage (no ring, and I was not a child at the time). Still, it’s the thought that counts, just whose I guess! 😀

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