Peeing in the Heater and Eating Goat Pills

imageI think I’ve mentioned my cousin Corwin was interesting.  He was still hauling his bottle around when he started school.  His teacher made him leave it at home, so first thing after getting off the bus, he’d get it out of the cabinet, fill it up, and have a little refreshment.  He was a pretty good eater otherwise.  He’d have his after school snack with his brothers and if he wasn’t satisfied, he’d chomp on a handful of Gravytrain Chunks as he went out to play football with his big brothers.  He’d gotten started on that snack when he was just a toddler.  He’d shove the puppy out of his bowl and just kind of got hooked on it.

When he was about five or six, Corwin decided it was funny to pee in the open flame of the space heater.  It was horrible.   It would stink up the house for hours afterward.  We all hated him.  To make a long story short, Corwin was so darned mean, nobody would have stuck up for him.    About that time, Daddy brought in some goats.  At any rate, when Corwin saw goat pills littering the yard, he thought, they were chocolate M&Ms and gobbled quite a few before he noticed the taste was off.  Seemed like justice.