Baby Blues and Green Parents


We were a good couple.  Long before we got married, we agreed completely on important things..foreign policy, religion, life plans.  Then we got married.  Life was idyllic.  We were both in college, working student jobs.  Bud had saved over $500 and student loans covered my tuition. Continue reading

Joke of the Day

Two linemen came in after their long day.  The boss called them into his office.  “Hey guys.  I got a complaint from a lady out on Oak Street that you were using some foul and profane language when you were working on that transformer out close to her house.  What do you have to say for yourselves?”

“Oh, no!  That’s not right!.  Joe here was just sweating in a line above my head and dripped some solder on my helmet and it ran down my collar.  I just hollered up and asked him to try not to do it anymore.”