Too Much Drama

imageOne little boy in my fourth-grade class had to be co-erced into being into the school play, very much against his will, even though he had only one line to deliver. It didn’t make him a bit happier just before our big performance when the teacher reminded us all that we’d be in view of our parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors.  We had to Continue reading

Joke of the Day

It was the young man’s first day on the job.  He was working up a storm, getting papers filed, answering the phone, just doing everything that came his way.  The boss was impressed.

“You’re doing a great job young fella.  Where’d you learned to work like that?”


“That’s wonderful.  I can see you’re going to go far with us.  What’s your name?”

“Yimmy Yackson.”

Peeing in the Wilderness

laughing snakeThis peeing in the wilderness story is from a dear friend who will remain nameless since she has threatened me sufficiently and believably.  Some lovely young things were once touring the rural countryside when they realized they were miles from the nearest bathroom.  They weren’t concerned since they were country girls, skilled in country arts.  Continue reading