Free-For-All Friday: #9

Reblogged from Edwina’s Episodes. Thanks so much!

Edwina's Episodes

It’s Friday already. which means that it is time for me to share some more wonderful posts with you that I have discovered over the last week. I have tried to choose a variety of posts from all types of blogs. It goes without saying, that all of them are worth checking out.

Nutsrok Linda never fails to amaze me with stories about her crazy family! The fact that she is such a brilliant story-teller and is so funny as well, really adds to my enjoyment.

Vashti Quiroz-Vega This post caught my eye as I am really getting into Haiku writing, and I thought both of these offerings were brilliant in totally different ways.

Homemade Naturally Now although I like  to have a go at sewing from time to time, I am not that good. However, I saw this, and loved it, and am actually tempted to have a go…

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