The Trouble With Syrup

imageI didn’t like having syrup for breakfast on school mornings when I was a little kid since I was was lazy about washing up afterwards.  In class, my papers stuck to me all morning till I went out at recess.  Then I usually romped around and came back in with dirt sticking to the syrupy patches.  Either way, I lost.

24 thoughts on “The Trouble With Syrup

  1. Gwahahaha! Lbeth, this reminded me of poor Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons… when Bart is forced to play with him, Ralph falls in the toybox and comes up with all sorts of toys stuck to his head… He says, “I like your toys… mine are all sticky!”

    Yes, my friend. Syrup in the morning – for some, at least – is a BAD idea! 🙂


  2. You must of been adept at sneaking out past your mum. Mine always inspected us as we left… Mind you what happened after we left…… This is a lovely memory you have shared. 🙂 by the way thank you for the follow it is always lovely to receive one, like s wave or a warm smile from a stranger. 🙂


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