Surprise for Angel

DressesToday I was shopping in Shreveport when I met the nicest lady.  She pointed out the cutest blouse to me.  When I found it I found a dress next to it I just loved.   I brought the dress back for her in her size, too. The upshot was, I ended up buying the same blouse she did and the dress in the picture.  She looked so cute and we had such a fine time shopping, I ended up buying her the dress, just because we had so much fun.  We are going to meet again to go shopping.  And no, I wasn’t drunk, just having a great day.  I hope you enjoy your dress as much as I will mine, Angel!  I think I surprised myself as much as I did you.


18 thoughts on “Surprise for Angel

  1. Hey Linda,

    Well now, this is a delightfully spirited and wonderfully gracious thing to do, the reward for which will be a friendship bound to last for many years 🙂

    You sound a little surprised at your generosity and kind act, but I doubt if any of your regular readers will be as surprised as you. We read and sense your kindness and good character, and hear of your charming exploits and adventures, all of which go to conjure up an image of you that is wholly befitting of a lady in red 🙂

    Have a wonderful afternoon and evening Linda.


    DN – 29/07/2015


    • I do have a lovely, exciting life. The best thing is, it’s all so usual. I don’t go on safari, or climb mountains, or run with Bulls. I just putter in my yard, play with my dog, chat with folks, write, read, and enjoy…and I love having you as a friend in my my world.

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      • Hey Linda,

        That is a very sweet sentiment indeed, and quite charming, thank you 😀 I love being your friend as well Linda and reading about your interesting life…it is your sense of fun and good humour that makes your Blog feel like a second Word Press home and your welcome like a life-long friend 🙂

        Put the kettle on Linda, I’ll be over for a coffee and a chat once I have figured out how to negotiate the large puddle between us 🙂

        I am off to the merry old Land of Zzzzzz, so will bid thee good afternoon and wish you a pleasant evening as well. Take care 🙂


        DN – 30/07/2015

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